Download document examples including maths worksheets, SATS papers and planning schemes


  • Sample worksheets
  • SATS papers
  • Assessment frameworks
  • Medium term planning
  • Assessment schedules
  • Intervention support documents

Sample Maths Worksheets

This is a sample set of Professor Assessor follow-on worksheets which can be photocopied for use in your school.

How worksheets are used in the online e-Assessment system

In normal use of the Professor Assessor e-Assessment system children are regularly tested online for the selected sub-strands of the national curriculum they’ve recently been taught. It’s similar to their exercise book work and we encourage that any workings are done in their books. Following each test, teachers have the option, with a single click, of producing follow-on worksheets for each pupil. These are downloaded as a single PDF file ready for printing.

These worksheets are individually produced for each child based on their test results within each of the curriculum sub-strands. The powerful software analyses each of the sub-strands individually and provides revision, consolidation or extension work where appropriate.

Each worksheet has the pupil’s name printed on as they will be unique to them. Unlimited worksheets can be printed from the system for each child, but these cannot be photocopied for general use.

Example Planning and Assessment Schedules

These documents are examples of whole year medium term planning for numeracy for years 1 to 6. They also provide detailed assessment scheduling with reference to the national curriculum for mathematics, stating which sub-strands should be tested together with a guide test length when using the online Professor Assessor Maths Assessment solution. Two document variations provide the number of questions that should be set in each assessment to provide both medium and high confidence assessment results for each pupil.

The Curriculum Coverage documents provide the total weeks spent on each strand of the curriculum and how many times each sub-strand has been assessed.

Feel free to download these for use with our Professor Assessor Maths Assessment solution either as a guide or to use for your planning.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Intervention Support Schemes

To help support intervention work based on topics being taught in class, we've produced a series of downloadable documents for years of study Yr2 - Yr6 of the maths national curriculum.

Each document provides a convenient listing of the sub-strands of the curriculum that support each sub-strand of each year of study of the entire curriculum. This simplifies information transfer from teachers to support staff and further facilitates the setting of appropriate work both by topic and difficulty.

SATS Papers

Here are the previous set of new-style SATS past papers for you to download, including the all important marking scheme document which contains the content domain coverage section that cross-references the content with the national curriculum strands.

For each of the SATS practice papers, the content domain coverage information indicates which sub-strands of the national curriculum each question pertains to. These are really handy to study and although they promise no pattern for the future, they give an idea of the scope and years of study accessed for the below SATS past papers.