Maths mastery using Singapore bar method

Maths Mastery &
Extension Activities

  • Quick to set
  • 20,000 question to go at!
  • On screen or paper

At Your Fingertips

What a great feeling to know that you have a huge bank of creatively constructed maths questions available for the whole curriculum, ready to dip into whenever you need to.

  • Maths Mastery Question 1
  • Maths Mastery Question 2
  • Maths Mastery Question 3
  • Maths Mastery Question 4
  • Maths Mastery Question 5
  • Maths Mastery Question 6

Master Maths!

Whatever your topic, there are questions available, and at the top end of the spectrum they can get quite tricky - a great test of mastery of a subject!

It takes seconds to set a quick test, and they can be excluded from your trackers if needed. Of course questions are marked automatically providing the opportunity for self-assessment or peer-assessment of the extension activities.

Maths mastery worksheet examples

Maths Mastery Worksheets

If pupils have performed well in previous assessments using our Maths Assessment solution, then teachers can simply print follow-on worksheets which will provide extension work to challenge those pupils - all at the click of a button!