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Maths Homework

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  • Marked automatically

Quick and Easy

Our Home Learning feature makes it easy to set and monitor differentiated homework for the topics taught in class. This provides the opportunity for parents to participate in their child’s learning. Teachers will love it because all marking is done automatically.

Happy girl doing maths homework on a laptop

Maths Homework

Easily set maths homework for the precise sub-strands you're teaching in class in seconds from our Home Learning area. The homework maths questions can easily be differentialed from different years of study from the numeracy national curriculum. 

The online maths questions are marked automatically and teachers can view how the class have done as a whole or even delve into individual questions for each pupil. Home Learning Class and Pupils Records provide an instant overview of all homeworks set and completed for the current academic year.

The detailed analysis feature provides instant gap analysis for each sub-strand covered by the homework, all on a single page for the whole class, making it quick and easy. You can even click into sub-strands to identify individual questions types that groups of children may have found tricky, helping streamline future lessons. 

Maths homework worksheet

Follow-on Work

Follow-on individualised maths worksheets (based on previous online homework or assessments using our Maths Assessment solution) can be printed at the click of a button for the entire class. Each one is preprared individually for each pupil accoring to their needs, perfect for revision, consolidation and extension work prior to the next lesson.

Alternatively marked answer sheets for previous homework and assessments sheets can be printed that contain all questions, responses and correct answers. These are ideal to enable pupils to try to find and rectify any mistakes or misconceptions.