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Times Tables Fun characters, questions, trophy and certificate

Times Tables Practice

Fun and engaging! Easy for teachers with data at their fingertips. Fun for children with trophies, characters  and certificates to collect.

Times tables sample questions

Something for everyone

The Beginner section is ideal for children starting off on their times tables journey. Questions are presented with pictorial images of groups and arrays of objects.

Children can then move on to the main Times Tables section where teachers can select the most appropriate times tables for each pupil.

The Mastery section includes division, missing number and place value questions, all focussed on the times tables up to 12.

Trophies, Certificates and Characters to collect

Fun & motivating for children

It’s really fun with characters to collect which encourage children to practise their times tables at home.

Trophies are awarded for completed times tables and printable personalised certificates are awarded once all the trophies have been collected in a section.

Children earn fun characters after each set of questions and the teacher can set the character collections on a per child basis. This is great for when children complete a collection or need an encouraging boost. On the left there's examples from our Owl Friends and Ocean Friends collections. There's 100 characters in each collection, some common, some rare and some super-rare!.

Schools are reporting how much children are enjoying using this exciting software and how incredible their progress is at instantly recalling their number facts. This is of course an essential core skill for arithmetic, but also for quickly calculating factors and multiples and for a whole host of other mathematical disciplines. It is also essential preparation for the forthcoming Mathematical Tables Check being introduced in 2020.

Times tables options

Easy and flexible

Fully automatic settings allow pupils to progress at their own rate. Alternatively, teachers can select suitable sections or tables for each pupil to practise.

All additional options can be set for each pupil as well. These include optional timers, the number of questions per session, and even the collection of characters to collect. The timers can be set for a number of seconds per times tables question or optionally turned off on a per pupil basis. This flexibility means all pupils can earn lots of collectable characters, trophies, certificates and get on the high score tables.

Times tables results

Instant Results!

Teachers can quickly see how much practice each pupil has be doing and how well they're learning their times tables.

The Times Tables Practice Results page, available only to teachers, displays the number of questions children have answered and their success rate. This can be for This Week, Last Week, This Term, Last Term, This Year and All Time. This is handy to quickly see how much times tables practice each child had done.

Teachers, children and parents can instantly see where those tricky number combinations are and how far off the next trophy or certificate is with our unique result grids.

The Practice Result Grids page displays detailed analysis for each child. The simple colour-coded grids shows where those tricky number combinations are and how consistently questions have been answered. Result Grids can be viewed for the beginner section, times tables section and each of the mastery sections.

If a pupil gets a specific question correct three times in a row then that question is locked out and the pupil is automatically given other random number combinations from the sections they’re working on.


Times tables options

High Scores

Optional High Score Tables are available for teachers and children to see. All children have an equal chance of getting on the high score table since the rankings are based on the number of correct answers only and children will be working on questions suitable for them.

High score tables are available for This Week, Last Week, This Term, Last Term and All Time.

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