Maths intervention with teacher and pupil

Numeracy Intervention

  • Identify barriers to learning
  • Inform early intervention strategies
  • Re-engage pupils with mathematics

Intervention using e-Assessment

It's even easier to set up intervention groups within our Maths Assessment system with our latest updates for the 19/20 academic year!

Free up more time for quality one-to-one support. Let the software do the marking and gap analysis, let it analyse results and produce follow-on worksheets specifically for each child at the touch of a button.

Numeracy intervention group testimonial quotations

A Complete System

It's easy to set up and add pupils to intervention groups. Work can easily be set for the groups and the instantly analysed results are available to specified support staff and teachers.

Professor Assessor's Maths Assessment solution enables teachers and support staff to accurately assess pupil's maths skills and understanding due to the well structured and finely graded question bank within the system.

This is further supported by the automatic production of appropriate pupil-tailored maths worksheets with which support staff can work with children.

Teachers can instantly access and monitor the intervention group data from their Teacher Dashboard which streamlines pupil progress meetings and provides accurate up-to-date gap analysis information to aid the planning of further pupil-specific intervention.

Intervention group support strand documents

Intervention Support Schemes

To help support intervention work based on topics being taught in class, we've produced a series of downloadable documents for each year of study of the maths national curriculum.

Each document provides a convenient listing of the sub-strands of the curriculum that support each sub-strand of each year of study of the entire curriculum. This simplifies information transfer from teachers to support staff and further facilitates the setting of appropriate work both by topic and difficulty.

Numeracy intervention group research graph showing average age score increase of 14 months in 6 weeks


Intervention using our Maths Assessment solution really does work. We've conducted research in primary schools which has yielded incredibly positive results not only for their improved standardised maths age, but for their confidence and enjoyment of mathematics as a subject - an absolute joy!