Each pupil gets their own maths questions and individual worksheets

The Complete Maths Solution
for Primary Schools

  • Dramatically improves pupil outcomes
  • Significantly reduces teacher workload

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You get much more with Maths Assessment from Professor Assessor. Its deep thorough content ensures high confidence summative assessment whilst it's breadth, incredible 20,000 question bank and unique rich features ensure formative assessment, homework, interventions, extension work and SATS preparation are as thorough and enjoyable as possible.


Maths assessment depth - many topics within each sub-strand

With many question styles that probe maths understanding and quiz specific numeracy skills, our Maths Assessment system provides uniquely high confidence maths testing.

The richness and depth of this primary school maths system enable it to be used for so much more than standard maths tests.

Give it a try - you'll be impressed!


Maths assessment features - on-screen and printed

Unique features provide unrivalled functionality providing the most accurate and informative system on the market.

  • e-Assessments
  • 20,000+ maths questions
  • Feedback
  • Automatic gap analysis
  • Next Step statements and questions
  • Individual follow-on worksheets

Use for...

Maths assessment solution has many uses

So versatile, the perfect maths system for primary schools.

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