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Times Tables Schemes

The Professor Assessor Times Tables Learning Schemes are designed to provide in class resources for the teaching and learning of all the times tables, and they're TOTALLY FREE! Get them now from the Downloads page..

The schemes are highly flexible allowing teachers to adapt them to their own needs whilst being compatible with the national curriculum and the national Maths Hubs materials.

The schemes also complement our online Times Tables Fun and MTC practice and testing solutions.

Times tables schemes A and B

Two Flexible Schemes

Two schemes are provided (Scheme A and Scheme B).

Scheme A concentrates on the times tables 2 to 9. No questions in this scheme include numbers 10, 11 and 12. This provides a focus on the mutiplication facts that are required in order to complete column multiplication, and further for short and long division as well as aiding mutiplies and factors leaning.

Scheme B provides a more traditional full scheme for the times tables 2 to 12.

Both schemes can be implemented to suit the preferred learning order of the times tables, i.e. that specified by either the national curriculum, the Maths Hubs, or a bespoke order preferred by the school.

Times Tables for beginners, master and greater depth

Massive Content

Packed with content, both schemes A & B share a common structure aimed to facilitate appropriate access points for all levels of current attainment for each of the times tables. Questions are provided that are suitable for beginners, those mastering the tables and for pupils ready for greater depth problems.

Each times tables booklet is crammed with 552 questions that facilitates repeated practice. Questions are differentiated into the first half and second half of the times tables, into multiplication and division, and non-associative and associative. Additionally, greater depth questions including word problems and “beyond the times tables” questions are provided in each times table booklet.

The differentiated question structure provides the flexibility for teachers to test partial times tables or full times tables with multiplication and/or division.

Booklets are available for each times table and a single concise answer booklet is available for each scheme.

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