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SATS Paper Practice

  • Practise unlimited tests
  • Different questions each time
  • Automatically marked with instant gap analysis

SATS Practice

You can easily create online SATS practice tests in seconds using our easy SATS Practice feature.

All tests are marked for you and instant gap analysis lets you quickly see where revision is most needed.

SATS practise online using any device

Online SATS Papers

Simply choose the SATS Paper profile and the pupils from your class. A SATS practice paper is then generated containing randomised questions aligned to the selected profile (e.g. 2019 KS2 Arithmetic Paper). Repeat as many times as required, each time with new randomised questions.

You can optionally choose randomised questions for each pupil to avoid copying for more accurate results.

All the marking is done for you automatically providing instant detailed gap analysis on a single page for all pupils.

It’s quick and easy, leaving more time to focus on children’s individual needs.

Select sub-strands for SATS practise

Focused Practice

As well as setting online SATS Practice Papers it's easy to revise, practise and test topics in stages and for any year of study to thoroughly cover all the maths skills necessary for the SATS.

For year 6 teachers, a special feature includes lower year schemes of study topics such as time and Roman numerals into the year 6 sub-strand selection enabling varied custom practice questions to be set.

All sub-strand descriptors are accompanied by their content domain reference code, e.g. 5C6a. This makes is easy to select sub-strands that have appeared in past SATS papers by using their respective marking scheme documents.

Happy teacher using our time-efficient SATS practise

Time Efficient

All tests are marked for you with gap analysis completed automatically - not something paper tests can deliver.

The gap analysis tools enable teachers to focus on the areas needing most attention, for individual pupils and the class as a whole.

This really is an efficient means of concentrating teacher expertise where it's needed and using technology the right way - to save time and provide the right information when you want it.

SATS practise worksheets and answer sheets

Individual Worksheets

Following a SATS practice test, individual named answers sheets can be printed containing all questions, responses and correct answers for each child from a single PDF. These are ideal for follow-on class work and feedback or to enable pupils to assess mistakes or misconceptions.

After more focused online question sessions, individualised worksheets based on each test can be printed at the click of a button for the entire class - perfect revision for those tricky maths topics. Answers are provided on a separate sheet which speeds up marking or alternatively they can be handed out.


Past SATS Papers

It's always a good idea to practise past papers as well in order to familiarise children with the test and to practise against the clock.

We've included the previous set of new-style SATS past papers for you to download, including the all-important marking scheme document which contains the content domain coverage section that cross-references the content with the national curriculum strands.