Times Tables Fun

A quick and easy
times tables testing &
tracking system.

Times Tables Fun characters, questions, trophy and certificate

Times Tables Tests

Perfect for confidently and reliably identifying where gaps in knowledge exist on a per pupil and per class basis.

Ideal for preparing for the statutory Multiplication Tables Check being introduced in 2022!

Times tables sample questions

MTC and Custom Tests

It's really easy for teachers to quickly set times tables tests for the class or groups of pupils.

Tests can be Mutiplication Tables Check (MTC) tests or Custom tests.

Custom tests can be easily set for any selection of the times tables and/or even more advanced mastery questions.

Options allow teachers to quickly configure the tests to their preferences, for example whether all pupils get the same or different questions to avoid copying.

Trophies, Certificates and Characters to collect

Instant Results & Analysis

Once a pupil has completed their test, the results are automatically available to the teacher.

Teachers can view and download the clear color-coded results for the entire test. 

Clicking into the results grids provides whole class and individual pupil analysis. So in no time at all teachers have reliable, accurate and detailed feedback for confidently preparing further times tables practice for their class.

Times tables options

Progress Monitoring

A single click from the Teacher Dashboard provides termly progress reports detailing the progress made by pupils in their times tables tests.

The reports can be tailored using many search criteria providing teachers with invaluable data in an instant, without any data entry needed!

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